Featured Artists Playlist: by Fragile State

A Playlist by Featured Artist: Fragile State


Hey there Procrastinators! We have a brand new featured artist here for you today; Fragile State, who from Central Ohio. They took the time to put together a playlist for us and did just a bit of writing to tell us about why they chose the songs that they did.


Silverstein – Smile in Your Sleep

Discovering the Waterfront was one of the first albums that ever really captivated me from the genre.  This can be largely attributed to Silverstein being my first live music experience.  After seeing them, what music meant to me significantly changed: it was the most important part of my life. The drums are also baller on this song.

Alexisonfire – Accidents

I had this song on a burnt CD in middle school.  When I was learning how to play the drums, this was a song I practiced to frequently.  Watch Out will always hold a very strong place in my heart and undoubtedly will continue to influence everything I do.

Underoath – Reinventing Your Exit

I grew up in a very small religious school.  This caused a lot of internal conflict over what music I was “allowed” to enjoy and be influenced by.  Amid all of this guilt, Underoath was always a band I could listen to.  Spencer’s lyrics beyond changed my life, and Aaron’s drumming and incorporation of jazz influence, played an incalculable roll in my development as a musician and artist.

Saosin – Seven Years

Probably the best drumming in a post-hardcore song ever written.  The whole EP front to back owns my heart.

The Wonder Years – Came Out Swinging

Suburbia… is my favorite album in its genre without a doubt.  The drumming is fantastic and mildly unconventional, and Soupy’s lyrics fuel my juvenile angst.

Comeback Kid – Wake the Dead

*Two step intensifies*

Have Heart – Armed With a Mind

I would be nothing close to the man I am today without Have Heart.  Simple as that.


Green Day – Longview

I was heavily into Green Day when I was in middle school (04-06).  I picked this song because the bass line is sick.

Superheaven (Daylight) – In on It

When Daylight showed up on the scene I was immediately drawn to them. Because of the obvious grunge 90s rock I grew up hearing, they sounded familiar yet new at the same time.  I picked this song because it’s a great example of how simple chords and structure allow an environment for catchy melodies to grow.  Sometimes I over-complicate things I am writing, and it takes a couple revisions to realize I’m doing so much [on guitar, vocals, or whatever] that there’s no room for the other elements.

Gleemer – Gauze

I must have listened to this song 100 time when I discovered Gleemer.  It’s so dreamy, and soaking in subtle guitar hooks.  I usually gravitate towards writing fast songs and this is a huge reminder that sometimes I should slow it down a bit.


Fragile State is a band from central Ohio with emo, rock, punk, and indie influences. We aim to create music that sounds like a band we would listen to. Sometimes that means being a little riffy, or busting out a guitar solo. Other times it might mean fast paced drums and gritty, yelling vocals. Most of the lyrics are based in self reflection and critique. They may seem desperate or negative at times but if that is how I was feeling, I write it down. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past year or so learning to accept and move on from personal events that held some sort of power over me. A good amount of the lyrics were written in an anxious bout, in which i grab my phone and type out a rough idea of what i am feeling and want to say.

As for goals, we just want to keep writing and focusing on really honing in on what it is that makes our songs sound like accurate representations of us as people. It’s hard to feel like we’ve nailed it every time, and there’s a slew of demos on my computer that will never be revisited, but we’re figuring it out. We hope to be in a position to play shows this spring or summer.